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Rainbow Hairstyles You Will Want to Copy
  Right Now

Rainbow Hairstyles You Will Want to Copy Right Now

If you feel trapped in a strand of hair, break yourself out! Most of us stay with the same old black, brown, or blonde colors for years until we finally turn gray. But the rainbow is full of dazzling colors. Try some of them. Find a bold shade to really stand out from the crowd, or choose an eye-catching color palette for this mermaid effect. Here are some of our favorites Rainbow hair looks like to inspire you to take the plunge this summer.

Ocean dip dye

This look is really fit for a mermaid. Capture the colors of the Caribbean Sea with this fluorescent ombre look that gradually changes from deep blue to lime green.

Pink mix

15 rainbow hairstyles you want now

This thoroughly funky hair color is almost too beautiful to be true. Grab the pink and purple dyes if you want your work to burst.

cotton candy

12 rainbow hairstyles you want nowThese cotton candy curls show another side of the pink spectrum and look almost sweet enough to eat.

Gradient Goddess

15 rainbow hairstyles you want now


Another way to keep your hair colorful, but keep that natural style, is to do the opposite of rainbow roots. Decide on a gradient by holding your authentic hair color on top and adding some brightly colored dip dye to the ends.

Blue green

Take a leaf from Kylie Jenner's book and give yourself that blue-green feel.

Purple mane

Like teal, purple is another rich and deep color that is guaranteed to stand out from the crowd.

Hidden orange & yellow

Here's another delightful way to enjoy rainbow hair colors in a more subtle and somewhat mysterious style.

Everything from rainbows

There's definitely nothing mysterious about this bold and beautiful look.

Multi-colored braids

Box braids are beautiful enough, but throw some stunning rainbow colors into the mix and they'll take you to the next level of cool.

Sand type hair

Do you remember the small bottles of multicolored sand that you would make as a small child and then keep as decoration in your bedroom? This is exactly why this adorable hairstyle was named and it is easy to understand why.

hair mask

Keep it low key and ridiculously pretty with some stencil hair art like this romantic love heart design.

Double color

We have shown you so many gorgeous hair colors in this list that we wouldn't blame you if you couldn't settle for just one. Follow Kesha's instructions and give each side of your hair a completely different coloring process.

coral Princess

Coral hair is completely flattering and trendy. With this unique shade you are guaranteed to feel like a princess.

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