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red and pink combination

Develop feminine energy with red combined with its quieter sister pink. The fusion of these two colors is creating the ultimate fashion trend right now. We like to associate both red and pink with romance, love and playfulness. The color red can make an outfit a little more sensual and daring, while the pink shade works downward and gives the look a cuter sense. So it can’t be better than using a combination of these two colors now as we step into the romantic time of the year.

Red and pink are two of the big trend colors this spring. The colors make themselves, but together it becomes a perfect duet. Although we’ve heard for years that pink and red don’t go together, that statement is now out of date. The color combination sizzles in ours hotter than ever and has appeared on the catwalk in a number of fashion collections from giants.

Break off a whole pink outfit with red shoes – or vice versa!Or why not run in a pair of crisp red pants with a pink blouse? The color combination is spot on right now and will surely be dedicated to a color that makes ours happy.

We have currently selected some of the best combinations of red and pink in the gallery.

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