Repairing Your Accessories At Ho

Repairing Your Accessories At Home

If you have broken accessories, do you keep them without wearing them, just for the sake of the old days? Or do you throw them away or give them out? You may run back to the store where you bought the bag or jewelry to have it repaired for a fee. While some things cannot be repaired, you can repair some directly at home and for free.

Repair your accessories at home


An accessory that you can repair at home is your plastic pair sunglasses which were stretched disproportionately. If this is your favorite, you don't have to give it up yet. Expose the sunglasses to the heat by either placing them in hot water or melting the frame with your hair dryer. Once the frame is malleable, you can return it to its original state. Be careful not to overheat the frames and reshape the sunglasses as soon as they become flexible.

Has your necklace or pendant lost its initial bright charm and now looks old and faded? You can still be covered with it by simply polishing it up with readily available home solutions. Dip a brush with soft bristles into warm water and scrub the piece of jewelry lightly. Make sure to add a small amount of detergent to the warm water for best results. If you want to clean silver pieces with a basic shape, put them in warm water and add a small amount of dishwashing detergent and household ammonia.

Scratched restoration leather at home is easy. If you have a great vintage bag or favorite leather boots that you can't throw away, you can treat them differently. However, you need to test which method is best for the type of leather you want to treat. First, try using a small pint of white vinegar on a scratched leather shoe. White vinegar swells the scratch. Let the vinegar dry and mask the scratched area with a colorless shoe polish. If you really have the guts, you can wait for the scratch to swell, and then use a felt pen in the same color as your shoe to fill in the scratch.

To straighten an unlined bag, dampen a soft cloth with white vinegar in water, and then wipe the inside of the bag. The vinegar mix softens the stiff pouch so you can fill the pouch with paper to hold it in place. Fill a lined bag with printing paper and let it stand for a few days. Alternatively, you can simply use it daily until it regains its shape.

These are just a few tricks you can use to quickly fix your favorite accessories at home. Repairing accessories themselves is not only an imaginative way to use your free time, it also saves you money.

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