Nautica Men's Mid-Weight Stretch Reversible Puffer Jacket .

Reversible Jackets

A reversible jacket can be a normal winter or summer jacket, a vest or a cardigan. The mostly different colored sides of the versatile and practical reversible jacket can both be worn outdoors.

Even if they always have a rather inconspicuous existence in the meantime – sooner or later they are rediscovered by the designers and then declared to be the highlight of the collection: they are called reversible jackets.

Features and properties

This extremely practical clothing combines two jackets in one in a very elegant way. First and foremost, these are light transition or summer jackets; The “turning process” is simply too tedious for thick-screened winter models.

Materials and patterns

The special chic of the reversible jacket lies in the combination of different surface fabrics and patterns. Similar to a lining fabric, tailor-made, precisely fitting pieces of fabric are used on the inside of the jacket, extending completely from the collar to the ribbons. These usually contrast clearly with the base material in terms of color, pattern and sometimes also material. Thanks to a special processing technique, there are no pearl seams or fringed seams.

The two fabrics are nested almost invisibly at the side seams so that nothing can slip. Now when you’ve looked at a design that is full and fashionable, simply turn the jacket to the left. The former outer fabric disappears on the inside, the previous lining comes on the outside and presents the jacket in a completely new look.

Closing options are given greater consideration for reversible jackets.

offer the perfect solution here. The light summer jackets in particular are partly without fasteners. In addition to the fashionable component, the reversible jacket also has a practical effect: small dirt that appears quickly on the way and often cannot be removed immediately, simply disappears by turning it inside.

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