Womens Sandals - Flip Flop, Gladiator & Slides | Lace up gladiator .

Roman sandals for women

Roman sandals have become increasingly popular in recent years fixed place in the shoe industry and despite or perhaps because of their extraordinary design, they are no longer just to be found at the feet of stars and starlets and on the catwalks of fashion shows, but also in shoe stores in the medium and low price categories. Visually and also from the processing strongly based on the Leg and shoes from ancient RomeThe Roman sandals are among the hottest summer shoes today and are a surprise comfortable and airy alternative with slippers like ballerinas and espadrilles and still not leave the leg as bare as simple sandals or flip-flops.

The Roman sandals – classic combat shoe as the current trend

The Roman sandal is also known under the name Gladiator Sandal and its name already indicates the actual origin of the shoe shape: In ancient Rome the shoe shape was one of the most common and consisted of one flat solethat helps to improve Crush resistance A soccer shoe was often studded with short nails and tied with various straps at the foot and ankle.

Especially the military at the time, so the legionaries and the professional fighters who Gladiators are now associated with this type of shoe, but the term Roman sandals indicates that the calceus is worn by the entire Roman population, that is, men, women and children

Slaves did not wear this type of shoe. The execution of the Roman sandals varied depending on the Gender, rank and occupation of the wearer. The models for women were allowed to be made of dyed, softer leather than the models for men. For some estates, like the patricians or the judges, it was reserved to wear red leather sandals, which also had one paragraph and Jewellery, like a leather tongue or an ivory clasp. The number of belts also provided information about the social status of the wearer.

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