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Romantic Buns for Summer

It is both beautiful and pretty to choose different rolls on hot summer days. Bun hairstyles can pull all of the curls over your neck for a fresh look. If you compare buns and ponytails, you'll find that buns are funnier than ponytails because of the different bun styles. So we don't think you will miss the rolls for the season.

There are many ways to style a bun hairstyle. Top buns can be worn by any girl for a younger and playful look. Braided buns can give girls a more feminine look by combining the braid and bun. If you want to style a summer bun but have no idea, you can just stay with us and see the bun designs here. We offer you 12 romantic rolls to rock this summer. They are pretty and cheeky. They are definitely staples for your hairstyles.

Do not hesitate to look at the styles now. You can choose one of the styles to try. You can change the hair to a different color. The rolls here go with any colored hair. Find what you need.

Low bun

Low bun via

Pretty bun over

Top bun over

Wedding bun over

Supper over

Side bun over

Twisted bun over

Romantic bun over

Messy buns over

Angular Bun via

Vintage buns over

Braided bun over

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