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Romantic Hairstyles for Dating

Romantic Hairstyles for Dating

Do you have a hot date ahead of you, your wedding day or just a romantic evening with your partner? It's time to plan the perfect hairstyle for the event. From the days of fairytale girls and their knights in shiny armor to today's com starlets, it has not changed how romantically soft, relaxed up-dos can look. We searched high and low to find the most dreamy hairstyles. Even if you're not in love with these special people, you're sure to fall in love with some of these styles.

Flower crown – romantic hairstyles for medium length hair

Another accessory that has been used to decorate women's hair for centuries is of course the flower. Add some colorful floral decorations to your long flowing curls for a romantic hippie-chick vibe.

Loose updo with flowers


Beautifully knotted – romantic hairstyle for long hair

Braid all of your hair into a beautifully knotted twist to get a style that appeared to take hours but is actually quite simple. This large braid gives your locks a lot of bounce and body and looks stunning for any occasion.

Side ponytail

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Multiple braids

One of the reasons why we love braids so much is that there are so many styles and patterns that we can try. For example, this look combines two adorable braids with two French braids that meet in the middle. This elegant task is complicated, but easy to do and guaranteed to numb your date.

Sweet braids


Fishtail Up-Do – Romantic braided updo for dating

A braided fishtail is an ideal look for romantic days, yet elegant enough to wear on a beloved evening. This can be achieved by wrapping a long fishtail braid around the entire hair.

crown braid


Loose side braid – romantic hairstyle for going out

When you sweep your hair aside, it always looks stunning to everyone. If you're lucky enough to rock long, flowing curls, this loose, scruffy braid is the perfect way to do just that. Worn under a large floppy hat, this style looks beautifully Bohemian and is ideal for hot dates on bright sunny days.

Loose braid


Milkmaid Braids – Romantic updo for girls

Milkmaid braids are a nice way to wear your hair. Inspired by the styles worn in rural European villages since the Middle Ages; This up-do looks like something that comes directly from a historical love film.

Double braids and buns


Bow and bun

What could be cuter than a dainty little bun and a delicate bow? This is a super cute style that reminds us of young, beloved couples spending hours of romantic time together. Change style by placing the bow on the bottom of your bun rather than the top or side.

Back bun


Crown of braids – girl romantic hairstyle for dating

This is another interpretation of the classic milk girl braid (see number 11). Spend some time and effort twisting your hair into a braid with a big knot at the nape of your neck, and you'll look like you've just jumped off the pages of a romantic Jane Austin novel.

Braided bun


Twisted crown braid

The Twisted Crown Braid is a truly timeless classic that women have worn for hundreds of years. Try this simple, romantic crown if you want to try a more reserved, more traditional style.

Chocolate crown braid


Braided braided ombre ponytail

You might think that a loose and wavy ponytail is a little too loose for a romantic date. However, this relaxed up-do becomes all the more elegant as a long French braid is added that is braided directly into the large, springy ponytail. The ombre blend of dark brown and caramel blonde makes this hairstyle even more dreamy.

Braided ponytail


Double French braids

Everything about this flowing hairstyle is beautiful; From the long, loose waves to the two French braids that are braided diagonally around the hair. The braids give this boho style a soft structure and the pretty bow looks adorable.

Double side braid


Unicorn braid

How could a hairstyle called "unicorn braid" be less than fairytale? This thick braid right in the middle of the crown is all the rage at the moment and will surely delight the happy companion with whom you share your date of the date. Although it looks elaborate and stylish, the unicorn braid is surprisingly easy to replicate.

Blond curls


Cornrow Faux Hawk

Do you want the elegance of a braided fabric while flaunting your natural, beautiful curls? This style inspired by Mohawk is the ideal choice for you. Stroking all of your hair off your face makes it easier to manage when you dance the night away.

skin braids


French netting with feather

Throughout history and in cultures around the world, women have added embellishments such as feathers and pearls to their perfectly braided locks. Add an inverted French braid to the bottom of your up-do and braid a feather accessory to unleash your inner Indian princess.

Braided hair


Braided bun

Just like in true love, sometimes the simplest style is the most effective. This pretty hairstyle gives a simple bun a creative yet subtle touch. Braids and buns often compete for the most romantic hairstyle. So why not combine both with this pretty look?

Top bun


Waterfall braid

This cascading waterfall braid is the ideal way to add romance and beauty to long, straight hair. This hairstyle is particularly popular because it allows the wearer to wear his hair comfortably and naturally, but still look elegant enough for any occasion.

Waterfall braid


French braid up-do

If you ask someone what is the most romantic event they can imagine, you will probably get an answer. a wedding. This is exactly why a braided up-do that is suitable for a bride like this is enough to melt our hearts.

Low bun


Double braided bob

Don't make the mistake of thinking that you need long Disney princess style hair to achieve a classic, romantic style. Some pretty definitions, like these double braids, can make even the shortest bob suitable for a fairy tale.

Fishtail braid


Romantic up-do

Here's yet another example of how dreamy a tricky up-do can be. We love the contrast between the big braid and the thinner, more complicated braid that runs right in the middle.

Creative braided hairstyle


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