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Romantic High Heels for Wedding

Romantic High Heels for Wedding

A wedding party is full of romantic elements. White and pink are the main colors. The location of the wedding reception is decorated with bright flowers. All bright colors soften everyone's heart. Children laugh happily and adults talk happily. Any woman attending the party may want to grab the bouquet and soon welcome her own wedding reception. So never spare yourself the trouble of getting a wedding bouquet without antics.

Here we offer 5 high heels that you can combine with your dress, whether you are a cable girl or a guest. Check out your favorites. Every pair of shoes brings a balance between style and success.

They are mostly white or pink. They not only create a romantic atmosphere, but also a wonderful look. You must be the most charming of all the guests.

Wedding sandals with straps

Wedding sandals with straps / Tumblr

The sandals are not exactly white, but golden. They are multi-strap sandals that lift off the feet. You look soft but elegant in your shoes.

Wedding open toe pumps with ankle straps

Wedding open toe pumps with ankle strap / tumblr

It is a good choice to wear such a pair of pumps. They are pumps with open toes that are romantically white. The ankle straps bring more wipy feet. They can go well with your white or pink dress.

Wedding arch-decorated pumps

Wedding arch decorated pumps / tumblr

Pink bows and white pumps with open toes go perfectly together. They can be combined with a long dress and a knee-high skirt. You look so cute and chic.

Wedding pumps with open ends

Wedding pumps with open ends / Tumblr

They are apricots. Pumps with open ends are popular with high heels. They show the ankles of women and the natural beauty of women. The spikes also make the shoes a bit punk.

Wedding open toe pumps with platform

Wedding open toe pumps with platform / tumblr

The shoes are pale apricots. They look more than soft due to the platforms. You can either wear white pants or a white dress. They go well with your outfit due to the style.

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