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Running Shoes

Running shoes are special sports shoes that athletes wear while running. They are light, sturdy, damp and support the feet while walking. The selection should be based on both the individual running technique and the physical condition.

Classification of the running shoes category

An aviator can only be as good as its feet can carry it. It is all the more important to choose the right running shoe.

What is important?

The shoe must be optimally adapted to the foot and give it support. Every foot is different, so there is little point in choosing it for its beautiful shape or color, or hearing recommendations from others who have had good experiences with a particular model.

Every aviator has to find the right shoe for himself, which is not so easy with the large selection of different running shoe models from many different manufacturers. The individual models emphasize the individual requirements and features to different degrees

  • fit
  • stability
  • flexibility
  • Walking comfort
  • Rolling behavior and
  • Damping.

Different types and materials

One distinguishes

  • Natural running shoes
  • Competition running shoes
  • Pillow running shoes
  • Control and support running shoes and
  • Off-road shoes.

Most running shoes consist of one Combination of different materials how

  • leather
  • synthetic
  • nylon
  • Microfiber
  • Foam and
  • Rubber,

This has an overall effect on weight, fit and air permeability. Cheap running shoes are available from 50 euros. The better they are processed and the better they react to certain running requirements, the more expensive they are and are between 100 and 150 euros.

Running shoes are constantly being developed to properly stabilize the feet while running, to compensate for misalignments and to absorb shocks and stiffness that otherwise strain the entire musculoskeletal system. When buying, you should always test several models from different manufacturers and thus really walk a short distance and get special advice from the technical staff.

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