Épinglé sur Sabots suédo


What are sabots?

Definition: The French term Sabot (Fr. hoof) was originally only used to designate clogs. The English term for this type of shoe is cloggedThe meaning of both terms has now expanded considerably and no longer relates exclusively to clogs.

Sabots in their original name

What is the difference between sabots and mules?

The term Sabot now serves as a synonym for Mules, With sabots, however, there are more flat shoes or shoes with wide heels associated with the term Mules rather shoe styles with penny heels.

What is the difference with slippers?

Sabots have in common with slippers that you can simply slip them on and the heels are free. That being said, they are hardly comparable to slippers as they have the following others properties::

  • They are intended for use outside the four walls.
  • They are worn in summer and belong to the category of sandals.
  • You own one wide straps.
  • Unlike the slippers, they usually have one paragraph and therefore belong to the typical representatives of the category Women shoes,
  • Sometimes they also have free toes and then often with the addition Peep toes intended.

The guide to sabots

How can you combine sabots?

You look very feminine Jeans, But you can also perfect it Summer dresses and skirts combine different lengths. Sabots are true combination artists and add sexuality to any outfit.

When it comes to shoe storage, sabots are extremely practical due to their low shaft height.

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