Cowboy Boot Sandals are the Craziest Summer Fashion Tre

Sandals Boots

What are sandal boots?

Definition: Sandal boots are, as the name suggests, a symbiosis of sandals and boots. The term Sandal boots may also be synonymous Ankle sandals second hand. This is not correct, however, as boots by definition have a shaft height above the ankle. Ankle sandals, on the other hand, are ankle-high shoes.

To illustrate this, I unfortunately couldn’t find a suitable picture than the one on the right, although you can argue about whether this model with platform heel is still “boots” because there is no fixed shaft.

The guide to sandal boots

Which clothes can be combined with sandal boots?

This type of shoe comes into its own when it becomes one Mini skirt or to one short summer dress combined. It is important to align the height of the shoes with the length of the skirt or dress. Sandal boots are when you look at them short trousers combined, the perfect eye-catcher in summer. Especially for small, petite women This type of shoe is recommended because, with the right choice, sandal boots can visually stretch the legs.

Are sandal boots suitable for the office?

Provocative or open footwear should not be worn in offices with a strict dress code, as open footwear is officially part of the private sector. However, if you work in a creative industry, the tolerance level for out-of-the-box shoes can be much higher, so sandals are a given in summer.

At the summer festival, stylish sandal boots guarantee jealous looks if they match the outfit.

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