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Sandals for women

The so-called sandal differs only slightly from the classic sandal, which, in contrast to the sandal, usually has no heel. Sandals with their light heels are usually worn by women.

Classification of the category sandals

The sandal is a special form of sandal that is only worn by women. The biggest difference is in the sandal to the heel sandal. Sandals usually have no or only a minimal heel. The heel of sandals can reach up to 12 cm and is therefore the criterion that makes the unsisex model sandal a sandal.

Different models for different looks

Sandals are a fashionable accessory for women that can be used to emphasize your look and complement your outfit.

Accordingly, sandals are available in countless shapes and with different heel heights. Often they are also provided with decorative elements such as embroidery, pearls and decorative elements. The high season for sandals is spring and summer.

Although it protects the foot from injuries to the sole of the foot, it does not protect against foot injuries. Thus, the sandal is not a work shoe and cannot be worn in bad weather, as it does not protect the foot from cold or moisture.

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