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Sandals for women

Sandals for women

Sandals or sandals? Hardly anyone knows the difference between these two types of shoes. It is that kept relatively simpleSandals are nothing but sandals with heels. The sandals themselves are considered to be the oldest shoes in the world and have been known since ancient times. To this day, they should not be missing in the shoe cupboard and those who like the female version reach for the sandals.

Sandals – shoes with heels on the rise

Sandals women are the feminine version of the classic sandal. Because the sandal itself is a shoe for Ladies, gentlemen and children equally developed. It has a flat heel and a thin sole, which makes it the ideal summer shoe. Of course, there are now sandals in versions that make it very clear whether this is a shoe for women or men.

However, the sandals are tailored directly to the wishes and ideas of women. With a heel, they visually straighten the leg and give it a rather casual look a elegant side,

Of course, but how could it be otherwise in fashion? A sandal is not just a sandal. Instead, there are very different women’s sandals, which differ mainly in the heel itself, but also in the design:

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