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Sandals for women

Sandals for women

The sandal is, as the name suggests, a strap shoe and is one of the oldest shoe shapesworn and worn all over the world. The sandal is structurally a sole that is placed on the foot with straps that can be thinner or thicker depending on the type. Sandals are worn by men and women as well as by children and are therefore represented in the trade sizes for both women’s and men’s shoes.

The different types of sandals

Sandals are used worldwide as a shoe shape, but also in different sub-categories divided. The subdivision is based on the purpose, gender of the person wearing it, belt design as with the T-bar sandals or the sole. Sandals are accessible and partial to women and men also wearable as a unisex model for both gendersSandals are usually reserved for women and girls because of their higher heels, which can be shaped very differently. These sandals with heels can be of modest height, but also fall into the field of high heels and are provided with a stiletto heel, a platform heel, a wedge heel or a funnel heel. Rarely are also found Models with angular block sectionsThe toe sandals are characterized by the fact that two straps run from the sides of the shoe to the point between the big toe and the second toe. A sub-form of this is the flip-flop, which is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to beach sandals that have been worn near water or when swimming in Germany over the past few decades. Also the Exercise sandal is worn as part of a sports outfit and is part of the clothing of gymnasts. Also included in this area are the hiking or outdoor sandals, also known as trekking sandals or sports sandals, which are designed for the special needs of outdoor sports and therefore have a sophisticated belt system made of adjustable Velcro straps and a support edge and thus also sit firmly on the foot. The cross-belt sandal is characterized by its special shaft design and is considered very feminine, while the baker’s sandal is closed at the front and the material is only interrupted by minimal slits.

There are a wide variety of sandals on the market in a variety of shapes, colors and designs available. Strikingly decorated models with rhinestones, glitter particles or large applications can be found as well as sporty sandals made of silver or gold, this is no longer a problem. Trendy designers have reinterpreted the mocked sandals by Jesus Slippers and present expressive sandals in their collections that pick up on new trends and can be both feminine and sporty. If the sandals are gold in color or any other metallic shade, then they will fit Perfect for a party outfitModels in natural shades such as brown or moss green harmonize wonderfully with a romantic summer look, while they adopt the maritime look in blue or white. Sophisticated cutouts and hole patterns make the wearers of the sandals real eye-catchers and the shoe even more airy and more than comfortable to wear even in very hot temperatures.

Also for young girls Sandals can be silver and other combinations of metals such as sandals in gold and copper tones are advertised. While the elegant models are rather narrow for the evening, there are also wide-legged sandals from her ergonomic shape are particularly comfortable and therefore a good choice for people who are on their feet all day. In many cases, these models are also equipped with the protective properties typical of shoes, for example with a cushioned sole.

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