20 Sassy Blue Hair Colors - Ombre, Balayage, Dark Blue Hairstyles .

Sassy Blue Hair Colors – Ombre, Balayage, Dark Blue Hairstyles

Our generation tends more than any other to play around with exciting things hair colors, From lively rainbow tones to pastel colors made from cotton candy, we simply cannot get enough of the otherworldly look that these cheeky colors bring. If there is a hair tone that is reminiscent of magic and puzzles, it is blue. This is the ultimate choice for all aspiring mermaids out there and can look beautiful on almost anyone.

Whether you prefer subtle shades or bold statements, or whether your hair is long and flowing or short and short, blue could be the color for you. You've seen your favorite celebrities and style icons rock sapphire locks. So isn't it time to take the plunge yourself? If you are still undecided to make such a big leap into the world of shades of blue, we are sure that these 20 cheeky examples will help you decide.

Baby Blue Princess Curls

Even with a less impressive hair color, these chunky, perfectly cleaned curls would still look stunning. Subtle purple ombre in the hair tips brings this cute, cartoonistic style to life.

20 cheeky blue hair colors and styles - best blue hairstyles


Ocean waves

These cascading blue waves almost look like a scene from the ocean. Touchable soft and flowing, with a subtle mix of dark and light blue tones, this style causes a sensation everywhere.


Waves with side braid

There's a very good reason why a French braid hidden between long, flowing curls is so popular with boho chicks around the world, and this stunning style is a wonderful example of this. You too can add some romance to your purple and blue ombre by trying this chunky side braid.


Blue and purple dip dye

We are only fourth on our list and have already seen some examples of how beautifully blue and purple go together. Take this color combination to extreme lengths by opting for an eye-catching, half and half style like this.


Icy blue curls

The hairstyle that this girl is wearing is classic and traditional. Wearing restrained, nicely ruffled clothing is the perfect way to keep some old-fashioned femininity in your otherwise shocking blue locks.


Blue and white

We have all seen more than our fair share of ombre and dip dye styles. As great as this hair trend is, you might think there is no way to rock it that has never been done a thousand times before. Think again; as this look proves that white blonde and pastel blue are perfect partners in ombre.


beach waves

It is a little tedious to dye the hair blue and then get the look. However, this does not mean that you have to put a lot of effort into how you design your locks. These long and relaxed beach waves are easy and the ideal companion to multicolored blue.


Mermaid braid

It's easy to see how the mermaid braid earned its name. This hairstyle would look fabulous if worn even by a girl with natural hair. In combination with bright blue curls, it looks absolutely magical.


Pastel rainbow dip dye

When playing around with pastel shades, you can try as many different colors in one style as you want without being too daring or bold. This long, naturally colored hair with pretty pastel tones at the ends has something very soft and delicate.


Blonde with blue and purple highlights

If you know that you are a beautiful blonde at heart and don't want to be too far from this flattering color, you don't have to miss the bold blue trend! Add some texture and personality to your long blonde curls by adding some vibrant aqua and lavender highlights like this.


Brown and blue curls

When we see brown hair with ombre, it is usually combined with a natural shade like gold blonde or a lighter brunette shade. Not many people would think of leaving their hair naturally with stunning blue ends, but as you can see here, the two go perfectly together.


Blue and white stripes

This hairstyle has something really sweet and sixties on the curved side bangs and the retro flip. However, the dazzling combination of icy white blonde and purple blue is quite futuristic.


Turquoise and lilac bob

Short-haired girls, don't let the attention that we've given to long curls in this list so far put you off. A dazzling color like pastel blue is the perfect way to brighten up your chic and shaggy bob.


Blunt bob

A hard, blunt bob can look just as stunning when colored in a vibrant shade of blue. This classic cut is always stylish and flatters almost every type of face. So you can be sure that you will look incredible with this hairstyle.


Multi-colored messy waves

The only way to improve a cool, relaxed hairstyle like messy waves and full, thick bangs is to add a range of rainbow colors. The way the pink cotton candy hair gradually changes to lilac, then blue, and finally lime green is quite fascinating.


Straight blue hair with black stripe

Do you want to make a serious statement with your breathtaking selection of hair colors? You can easily crank up the drama by daring to put a thick, chunky black highlight through the middle of the blue hair. The straight style and face frames in this look are also extremely flattering.


Slim bob with graduation

It's hard to imagine a haircut that is more flattering and timelessly trendy than the graduate bob. This sleek, effortlessly breathtaking harvest is truly enchanting with enchanting deep blue and sea green highlights.


Hidden blue

Hidden hair colors are all the rage right now and you can see why. With this style, you can not only cover your shades of blue if you need to look more conservative to work with. It also looks incredibly beautiful when the hidden color shines through through movement in the hair.


Blue and lilac up-do

Are you concerned about how you will wear your rainbow colored hair for a formal occasion? This super chic lilac and baby blue up-do proves that even the boldest girls can look classy and feminine with an elaborate twist.


Black and teal waves

Black hair is one of the best basic colors to really highlight blue. Color the tips of your black locks with a teal color and you'll see how well the two fit together. As if that weren't enough, the relaxed waves round off this style as best as possible.


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