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Sassy Purple Highlighted Hairstyles

Sassy Purple Highlighted Hairstyles

There was a time when purple hair was only for seriously eccentric characters. However, nowadays we can experiment and play around with more exciting, more lively things Colours than ever before.

Purple is a color with perhaps more hair potential than any other. After all, this is a shade that can look deep and muggy with shockingly dark curls and can also be worn as a sweet pastel shade for candy. However, these are just two options out of myriad purple options. Regardless of how you rock this vibrant color, you can be sure to stand out from the crowd if you have purple highlights in your hair.

So if your personality is funny, youthful, and full of colorful pizza, why not show it in your looks by trying vivid stripes? Here are some of our most popular highlighted hairstyles in purple tones.

Purple pixie haircut – ideal short haircut for women over 50

Extensive side bangs and a short, choppy crop make this blonde what it is Eleven Look young and funny. We can't get enough of the cheeky addition of soft purple hues on the edge and layers of the crown.

Short hair with purple highlights


Purple balayage bob haircut for women over 50

This super short, ash brown bob would look cute enough on its own, but adding dark purple balayage makes it look no less than perfect.

Purple highlights in gray hair


Strawberry blonde bob

Brighten up your layered, side-swept bob by adding pretty stripes of lilac and rose violet. These tones add warmth and vibrancy to the hairstyle, making you stand out this summer.

Purple highlights in blonde hair


Purple Waves – Wavy curly haircut for short hair

You don't have to hide your purple hair in subtle highlights to make it look cool and trendy. This curly crop shows that strong purple can be worn anywhere and looks fantastic. It's not just the color we love here, the thick, curly top and shaved undercut also look incredible.

Bright purple curls



Two vibrant colors in one hair look stunning. Be warned that indigo blue and shocking purple come together Hair color that only brave, confident girls should wear, since it will surely turn many heads.

Blue and purple bob


Super Short Straigth Pink Bob for girls

Haircuts are not much smoother than this short ear length blunt bob, complete with a shaved undercut. The color has been applied professionally and is a light pink violet shade that flatters every skin tone.

Lavender short bob


Rainbow chocolate

We never thought that chocolate brown and strong purple would go so well together. However, this shaggy bob proves that these colors look like a dream when worn as contrasting ombre colors.

Purple highlighted bob


Pastel Purple – Wavy curly bob hairstyle for women over 30

Short curls can look absolutely adorable in any color. However, this icy lilac shade makes it look even sweeter. This is a really creative and individual tone that looks stunning, especially with slightly dark roots.

Curly purple hair


Wavy graduated bob hairstyle for medium hair

Medium hairstyles daily: Are you looking for a way to highlight your beautiful medium length graduate bob? This slightly wavy bob was cut in the shape of an A-line and these shades of deep purple and dark brown make it look totally sultry.

Sangria ombre hair


Dip dye for shoulder-length hair

This feathered, freaky long bob (or praise) could be mistaken for an average blonde hairstyle. This is, of course, until it comes to the rolled out ends that have been dip-dipped in a deep shade of striking purple.

Medium-length bob with purple highlights


Wine red for long hair – red long hairstyle for girls

Purple comes in many different colors. These long, mermaid-like waves are at the reddish end of the purple scale and have a deep cherry color. The ends have been dipped in a deep purple shade, which makes the perfect curls look even clearer.

Purple and red hair


Dark Waves – chic long wavy hairstyle for girls

Don't be fooled, if you have naturally deep black hair or only extremely dark curls, you can't pull off purple. It will take some bleaching and dyeing, but the overall effect is an astonishingly dark purple hue that works wonderfully with waves like this.

Purple wavy hair


Plum Purple – short purple dark hairstyle for round faces

This deep plum shade goes wonderfully with a dark, shoulder-length bob. This strong side parting creates a lot of volume on one side of the hair and makes the hair look springy and full body.

Violet waves


Pastel waves – chic purple long hairstyle for girls

These thick, lush waves look fit for a mermaid. The faded lavender hue is slightly foggy and looks no less than magical. Treat yourself to this stunning hairstyle only if you don't mind taking care of it enough.

Smokey Purple Hair


Shimmering highlights

If you're looking for a way to update your medium-length, deep black locks, this is the one. If you add some subtle, shimmering shades of blue, purple, and red, you'll find your hair looks shinier than ever.

Purple and blue hair


Blonde and purple ombre

The bob is a classic hairstyle that has proven itself over time for almost every girl. This beautiful look makes the best of two very different colors. The top layer is a deep blonde and brown balayage, while the bottom part is a stunning purple. You can also try that out Balayage hairstyles,

Purple highlights in brown hair


Princess curls

Blonde princess curls have repeatedly proven to be a flattering style that works well for any girl. If you want to update this style and give it a lot of character, go for lavender ribbon highlights like this.

Purple locks


Rainbow-dip dye

It's very rare for you to come across a hairstyle where purple is the most subtle shade. However, this is an example of this. The violet tones in this do are pale and reserved, while the blue tips are as bold as you can get.

Cool tone curls


Sparkling blue

With this long curly hairstyle, different shades of purple are gradually fusing together. It starts as a deep midnight blue and turns into a magical purple color.

beach waves


Beach babe waves

The only way to improve large, springy waves is to add an exotic hue. This shimmering purple hue does just that and looks absolutely gorgeous, especially thanks to these rosy shades of pink.

Straight purple hair


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