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A scarf will keep your neck warm when it’s cold or windy outside. It keeps the body warm and prevents colds. Whether a classic wool scarf, silk scarf or cashmere scarf, the scarf should not be missing in any winter clothing.

Classification of the category scarves

A scarf is a long, rectangular piece of fabric that was originally designed to protect the head and neck from the cold and drafts. The scarf found its way to Europe from the English in the 18th century, as the scarf originally came from India.

In the Kashmir Mountains it is part of the basic clothing of every woman, but also every man. There it is worn over head and shoulders and serves as protection against the inhospitable weather.

Finishes and materials


Very special shawls called pashmina shawls are made in Kashmir. The pashmina is a very precious scarf that is at least two meters long. It is very expensive because it is made from the very warm wool of the cashmere goat and silk.

In recent years the pashmina scarf has become increasingly popular in Europe, so that it is available on the market in numerous variations. You should be careful when shopping, because the pashmina scarf is often offered at low prices, which is not possible if it is made of rare cashmere wool and silk. For example, viscose is often used for cheap imitations and the scarf is sold overpriced.

Other materials

In addition to cashmere, this also includes

to the popular models.

Other uses

In addition to its role as a warming accessory, a scarf can also illustrate belonging to a group, for example football fans, who express their sympathy for a club with a fan scarf. A scarf can also be a sign, like the motorcyclist’s yellow scarf. This means that the driver is tied to the handlebars and needs help.

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