Spring Trend Spotlight: Silk Scarv


Scarves are particularly fashionable accessories that go with very different styles of clothing. The cloth towels, mostly made of silk, cotton or polyester, are available in stores in all possible colors, patterns and designs.

Classification of the category scarves

Scarves are shawls or scarf-like textiles that are worn around the neck. Originally a male accessory, today the scarf is more common to women.

Popular designs and styles

Those made of silk are particularly popular, but also those made of cotton. They are either wrapped around the neck, tied or folded. Scarves are long like a scarf or rectangular. The rectangular variant is also often folded into a triangle before tying it around the neck.

The scarf is mainly worn by women, sometimes men, with a sweater or blouse and should, usually supported by a floral pattern, give clothing a colorful, fresher touch.


Of course, scarves are also used,

  • to protect the neck in case of illness or something
  • To hide discomfort such as scars.

Scarves are also satisfying

a protective function. In addition, scarves are often too

like the scouts or the marines.

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