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Sexy Hairstyles for Long & Medium Hair

Women care a lot about their hairstyles because they know that different hairstyles create a completely different look. So when our hair is in bad shape we feel pretty depressed and don't want to step out of the bedroom. Yes, a good hairstyle is really important.

Aside from that, hair can be sexy and flirtatious, making your look much more attractive. The key to a fashionable hair look is to keep your curls loose and natural. Sometimes messy hair is flirting more than straight hair.

In today's post, we'd like to introduce you to a collection of 15 sexy hairstyles that add a lot of charm and romance to your look. They are the smart options for women with medium and long hair. Scroll down and check it. Which is your favorite Look and enjoy!

15 sexy hairstyles for long and medium hair

Blake Lively's sexy haircut

Blake Lively's sexy haircut

Middle-parted blonde curls

Sexy loose waves for brunette hair

Sexy chocolate hairstyle with blonde highlights

Sexy camel hair color

Sexy big waves for long hair

Flirty voluminous curls

Nice hairstyle for summer

Chaotic updo

Honey blonde long curly hair

Chaotic curls for women

Tousled medium curls

Fairly long straight golden hair

Tousled medium haircut for women

Messy hairstyle for long hair

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