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Shaft boots for women

Shaft boots for women

Be familiar with the term sheepskin boots All trunk models with a higher shaft summarized. As the basic shoe shape of normal low shoes, boots differ in their high shaft, which must make up at least 80 percent of the entire length of the sole. The Short form of the boot are the so-called ankle boots, which usually only reach just above the ankle or exactly to the ankle. The shaft of the same name is the trunk, which in turn is subdivided into the foot section of the components and the pipe that extends upwards.

Different shaft lengths for boots

Become wave boots Is worn as a normal leisure and everyday boot as well as work and sports boots and have different wavelengths. The term boots or boots often models with a long shaft or half shaft are summarized. The models with a lower shaft include ankle boots or jodhpur boots.

These can be combined with a so-called boot leg and are then from one long sheepskin boots visually hardly distinguishable. Boots with a particularly long shaft are available as overknee boots, overknees or stockings.

While Long-sleeved models are usually worn by women in casual clothing They are also preferred by men as part of professional clothing or protective and sports equipment. In addition to their function as street shoes, flat sheepskin boots made of soft textiles or leather are often bought as warm slippers or slippers. Ankle boots are used by both men and women. Models with oversized shafts are seldom part of everyday life and are usually only worn by women.

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