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Sheepskin boots for women

Sheepskin is a popular material in the clothing industry and has been used for warm clothing for around 10,000 years. As the main domesticated fur supplier, sheep are used not only by the leather industry, but also by the fur industry. In the Middle Ages, sheepskin products were still considered clothing for the lower classes of the population such as the rural population and the farmers. Today, items made of soft material are among the most popular items in a collection and can also be found under the hottest labels and on the big catwalks. In addition to vests, jackets and bags, shoes, boots and boots as well as lambskin slippers are also produced,

Women made of lambskin boots – trendy and extremely versatile

For the production of lambskin boots no hides from wild sheepbut used by breeding animals, despite the name lambskin, not only the skins of young animals are used, but also the skins of older animals since the 1990s. They differ in theirs quality Compared to those of newborn lambs or young sheep, thanks to the various possibilities of fur refinement, they are no longer and are also very thin leather and therefore of low weight.

Depending on the fashion, the coat can be sheared, colored, napped, velouted or printed and is therefore on most versatile way of designing boots second hand. The fur coating creates a very supple and pliable material that is perfect for shoe production and, due to its many positive properties, is ideal, especially for winter shoes.

Boots are made from lambskin Ideal for the cold winter monthsbecause lambskin as lining or lambskin as upper material can fulfill different protective functions.

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