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Shoes are worn to protect, support and warm the feet while running. They can be selected and designed based on the environment, use and fashion taste. There are shoe types for almost every taste and use.

Classification of the shoes category

Shoes are special clothing for the feet; The shoe is characterized by a firm, waterproof sole that protects the foot. The choice of shoes is almost unlimited.

general characteristics

Regardless of whether it’s a children’s shoe, stubble shoe or low shoe: all shoe models have a similar structure. Almost all shoes, with a few exceptions such as the moccasins, consist of two parts; the shaft and the bottom.

The wave

The shaft is usually made up of several parts and is the part that surrounds the foot. Most of the upper of a shoe consists of an inner upper, also known as food. This is followed by a lining and then the outer shaft, which is also called the upper leather. The bottom of the shoes consists of at least one sole.

One and only

The number of soles in a shoe depends on the model. Common to all shoes is the outsole, the profile of which increases the surefootedness. As in the case of sports shoes, an insole is often attached to these, to which the insole is applied, which is also referred to as the insole.


Very few people know how shoes are made. There are several styles and variants including:

It’s a question of fashion

When selecting a particular shoe model, in addition to the protective function, aspects such as current fashion and the wearer’s group accessibility also play a role. For many teenagers, for example, sneakers are shoes that they use to express their affiliation to a certain musical genre such as hip-hop.

Thus, the shoe is not only the protection of the foot, but also a status symbol for its owner, especially with very expensive models.

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