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Short Blond Hairstyles for Women Over 40

The short blonde hair is really tempting for anyone to try. It's a great way to update your style for the new season. You can choose to cut your long locks short or give your dark, brunette hair a whole new color. Everything you need may just be exciting inspiration. Today we have put together some awesome short blonde hairstyles with pictures below!

Faux half hawk

Faux half hawk

There is a great way to carry the impressive falcon in a reserved style. Part your short bob to the side and straighten another side with less hair with the right hair products.

Curls on top of it

This is a perfect combination between mohawk and undercut. If you want to try something exciting with your hair this season, you've come to the right place.


Mohawk hair can look very cool and nervous for young teenage girls. Its striking properties will definitely give you an impressive style on the street.

Wavy bob

Waves can give a bob more texture and movement than straight hair. And you can wear the wave bob that can be worn for almost any occasion.


I bet the cool undercut hairstyle can make you the center of attention on any occasion. The longer length at the top, along with the narrow cut sides, made a great contrast.

Super bowl

The interesting shell cut doesn't seem to be as popular in recent years. But it will definitely give you a contemporary and modern-chic style for your entire look.

Side sweep bob

The side-swept bob would work best for these finely textured hair girls and create an elevated height for their hair look. You can also wear it in a longer version if you still don't want to go short.

Chaotic elf

The messy elf has a longer length that can overwhelm your face, but it's really fun and interesting to create. Some hair products will help you get this look.

Long elf

The pixie cut is perfect for all face shapes. You can define it with the right products to create many different styles, and it will look more flattering with chunky ends.

Sweet bob

The bob haircut is the best choice if you're still not sure whether to go very short or not. Its flattering length is very easy to grow out and it can be styled very cute and pretty for women of all ages.
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