Short Curly Hairstyles for Summer

As the days get hotter, many fashionistas choose to cut their rather long locks into the more stylish short hair. If you're one of these women and want to get a brand new short hairstyle for this summer, you can consider the short curls as your preference.

Short curls are springy and happy for your look during these hot days. The short curly hairstyles are a statement in themselves and whatever you wear, you will always look so different and fashionable. What's more enjoyable is that they're much easier to maintain than the short straight hairstyles.

There are 20 short curly hairstyles you can rock this summer. Some of them are so adorable for young girls, some are really fashionable and reserved with the vintage atmosphere, some are so flirtatious and sexy and others are pretty for these fairy and graceful ladies …

Try them out and bring your favorites to your hairdresser. Tell him your new ideas that inspired them. You will be much more breathtaking than you think. Enjoy!

20 chic short curly hairstyles for summer

Short curly hairstyle with a headband

Short curly hairstyle with a headband

2014 Flirty Short Curls

Braided short curly hairstyle

Side curls

Retro chic short curls

Cool short curly hairstyle for women

Voluminous short curls

Pretty short curls

Sexy curls for short hair

Short curls for blonde hair

Asymmetrical short curls

Textured short curls for mature women

Funny curls

Vintage short curls

Nervous short curls

Short curls with a deep side part

Short curls for a round face shape

Short curls for an elegant look

Short curls for women

Short curls with golden highlights

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