Tasso Elba Men's Cross-Dye Short Sleeve Linen Shirt, Created for .

Short sleeve shirts

Short-sleeved shirts are especially short-sleeved shirts that sit just above the shoulder and are usually thin shirts. The sometimes very colorful short-sleeved shirts (Hawaiian shirts) are worn by men, especially in summer or on vacation.

Classification of the short sleeve shirt category

They are probably one of the most common items of clothing worn by the masters of creation: short-sleeved shirts. The variations of cuts, colors and patterns are versatile and unmanageable, but the basic design is always the same.

Features and cut shape

Short sleeve shirts are distinguished by two main features. On the one hand, every shirt with short sleeves has a front button placket that is used to close the shirt. In addition, the sleeves are typically short in length, usually just above the elbow.

possible combinations

The short shirts can be worn on any occasion. They often serve as work, everyday and leisure outfits, but can also be combined to form a suit.

Short sleeve shirts are usually made of cotton. This makes them comfortable, light and airy. Short-sleeved shirts are particularly suitable for warmer months. However, in winter they can just as easily be worn over a long sleeved shirt. The short-sleeved shirt becomes an item of clothing for every season and for every man, because each shirt gives the wearer its individuality through versatile designs.

The most common prints for this shirt variant are vertical stripes or checked patterns. However, they can also be printed in one color or with any motif. Short-sleeved shirts are one of the most popular pieces of clothing and can be found in every man’s wardrobe because, despite their simplicity, they make every outfit special.

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