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Silver rings

Silver rings are available in many different varieties in jewelry stores. The classic silver rings for women and men are mostly made of sterling silver and are decorated with stones, zirconia or diamonds, for example.

Silver rings have been worn by both men and women for centuries. These jewelry pieces are worn on all fingers and some wear them on the thumb.

A variety of sizes and widths

Silver rings are available in different sizes and can vary in width. From very narrow to a width of more than an inch, the choice is yours. In addition, they are always available in either the matt or the glossy version of the upper ring surface.

Possible ornaments

Especially with silver rings for women, a sparkling gemstone or gemstone is usually integrated into the ring in one version. Among the most popular stones are

But they can also be decorated with ornaments at the top, for example in black, and not consist entirely of silver. Very often silver rings also contain gold or platinum.


Engravings on the inside of the silver rings are often desirable. The engraving of dates, names or love theft is usually done with rather simple silver rings and should stand as a symbol.

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