Easy Nail Designs for Beginners. So cute and simple that you can .

Simple and Sweet Nail Arts for Beginners

Girl, would you like to paint nail art with us today? The post will share some simple and cute nail designs with you. If you like to paint nail art, stay with us and find some tips for your next manicure.

Today's post is all about simple and cute nail art. We are sure they will not let you down because it is both easy and pretty to do nail art for every girl. You do not have to prepare different polishes, you can only have several bottles of polish. To make simple and cute nail art, you can use white and pink nail polish. Use white polish as a primer and paint some pink hearts or red hearts as a second layer for your nail designs.

More nail designs can be found in the post below. What you need is your time and patience. Enjoy!

Flower nails

Flower nails over

Sweet nails over

Red and white nails over

Rose nails over

Simple and sweet nails over

Pink nails over

Two-tone nails over

Glitter nails over

Sweet nails over

Funny nails over

Star nails over

Heart shape nails over

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