15 Simple Easy But Stylish Top Knots for Summ

Simple Easy but Stylish Top Knots for Summer

A simple hairstyle has never been so stylish. Whether you're rocking the red carpet or just relaxing in your room, a top bun can be the ideal look for you. What can you not love about this style? Top rolls are not only extremely practical – especially in the hot summer months when we all want to wear our hair up and away from our face, they are also absolutely beautiful on every type of face. The magic of this look is that the hair is stacked high up on the head to bring out your facial features and create the shape and drama of an elaborate up-do without any problems. The basic bun was long overdue for an update, and so this effortlessly chic variant of the classic style is a welcome addition to the summer style inserts in 2016. We love that there is something about this style, no matter how quick and easy, to tie a topknot knot, never looks scruffy or as if you just rolled out of bed. Here are 14 of the funniest, most carefree and breathtaking top buns you can try this summer.

The classic

When we mentioned top buns, this was probably the hairstyle that first appeared in your head. This light brown look has no intricate details or eye-catching colors to make it stand out. instead, its beauty lies in its simplicity. Try this stress-free hair on casual, lazy days when you want to look relaxed yet beautiful.

Easy top bun


Keep it smooth

This super smooth bun is formal enough for the office, wedding, or just about any lavish event you've planned this season. The bun itself is dragged around in a pretty and tangled style, but the most striking part of this look is the perfectly polished crown.


Braided bun

One of our favorite things about knotted buns is how versatile they are. You can make your style as unique and complicated as you want by including a number of different elements, just like the three fancy French braids in this blonde ombre bun.


fairytale buns

So far we have discovered how easy and stress-free top rolls can be. However, don't forget that there are also some amazingly detailed and complicated options. This layered bun looks like something suitable for a fairy tale princess and gives volume and thickness to any hair texture.


Big and beautiful top bun for summer

When it comes to top rolls, we always say: "The bigger the better". So if you're lucky enough to have long, thick, and voluptuous curls like this girl, tie up your bun and keep the volume high and springy.


Braided Bun – Chic Top Knot Bun Updo for Summer

We have already seen how beautiful a braided crown with a high bun can look. However, this look turns your head. This shows that braiding the bun can add texture, depth, and drama to even your stylish topknot.


Swirly Bun – Easy Top Knot Bun for girls

This sweet, big bun has something very swinging sixties. Pull open the entire crown from top to bottom and add a simple, swirling bun in the center back. These fluffy strands of hair in the front frame your face perfectly.


Rainbow back braid

There is so much excitement and drama in this beautiful bun that it's hard to know where to start. These pastel-colored rainbow tones in baby blue, muted green and baby pink complement each other perfectly and the French braid on the back of the bun gives it a really unique touch.


Lively red with a shaved undercut

Be warned that this edgy look is only suitable for confident girls who don't mind turning a lot of heads and being the center of attention. The color is a striking purple hue and the top knot style is perfect for showcasing the patterned undercut on the neck.


Mermaid bun

Have you ever wondered what a top knot mermaid would look like? Here is your answer! These long, lush curls with bold shades of blue and green are reminiscent of a peacock fantail and look stunning when worn in a swirling, subtly braided bun.


Chain Linked Bun – Nice top knot bun for the wedding

This chocolate brown bun is all about texture. Several small sections of hair were wrapped around each other to achieve a beautiful chain link effect. This is not an easy-to-achieve style, and it can take time and effort to complete. However, we are sure that you think the end product is worth it. These wispy waves on the front round off this bun in the best possible way.


Swirly bangs

Are you looking for a way to highlight your hairstyle but still want to keep it classic and super feminine? If so, you can be sure that you will love this fancy topknot. We love the diagonal separation in this extremely slim, combed down crown and the swirling bangs that remind us of vintage movie stars like Veronica Lake.


Messy Brown Bun – Top Knot Bun for brunette hair

The loose, slightly unkempt style of this rich chocolate brown bun shows your hippie-chic style while keeping it mature and breathtaking. You need to spend a bit of time teasing the crown and coming back, but the bun itself is carefree and messy. It was loosely attached to create a romantic silhouette.


Blonde balayage bun updo for women

This beautiful bun is the perfect combination of smooth and messy. We love the way the sublime roots and loosely layered bun bring out this multi-colored blonde balayage. The side bangs in the front go perfectly with the style and make you look like a very casual beauty.


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