10 Best Skate Shoes in 2020 - Revie

Skater shoes

Skate shoes are sports shoes that were originally designed for skateboarders. They have special reinforcements made of rubber and plastic on the wear parts of the shoe, as the feet have to withstand a lot of pressure and impacts when skating.

Classification of the category skate shoes

Skate shoes convey a certain style of the scene and have to be extremely functional in order to withstand this tough sport.

Requirements for the sole

A flexible, grippy sole is the most important thing on the shoe, which must not be too light and stabilize the foot sufficiently. The risk of injury while skating is very high and should not be increased by poor footwear.

The feeling for the board must not be lost in the shoe, which is why the manufacturers pay attention to a special condition of the sole and the insole. The shoe is therefore so close to the foot, which can of course be adjusted through the lacing.


The soles are mainly made of rubber and have a strongly defined profile. The top is

and provided with enough holes for the breathability of the shoe. The inner workings of the shoe are made of durable synthetic materials and mash. An insole and a tongue holder ensure that the foot is cushioned and injuries are minimized.

Most skate shoes have clearly visible manufacturer logos, as the shoes also have a certain image. Skate shoes are available in the wildest color combinations and patterns, although the trend is towards simple style.

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