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Slippers for women

Slippers are a very traditional form of shoes that are known as slipper consist of a sole and a toe cap and are processed without a heel cap to make slipping easier. The slippers are traditionally called slipper worn and are also available in stores under the name slippers or slippers. They are available in either the unisex models gender neutral look or especially for men and women. There are also slippers for different age groups in shoe fashion for children and babies.

Slippers – from slippers to all-purpose summer shoes

Slippers have long been used under the name of slippers, which are common for shoes for domestic use and probably originated in the Orient. There are the babushes called slippers soft fabrics made and richly decorated with embroidery and gold jewelry.

The oldest slippers found can be dated to the 2nd century AD. This type of shoe reached Byzantium in southern Europe in the 15th century and spread to other countries in the years to come. In the 19th century the term was also used in Europe Heel slippers called slippers or slippers, but nowadays open slippers are usually offered without a heel piece.

The slippers themselves are no longer just used as pure slippers, but by different professional groups worn in different places and considered suitable footwear.

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