Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale Includes The Best Slippers in the Wor


Whether slippers, slippers, slippers, slippers or slippers – slippers made of fabric, leather or felt keep your feet warm and cozy in your own home. It also prevents unnecessary dirt in the house or apartment from wearing out.

Classification of the slippers category

Slippers are only worn indoors or in the apartment. Taking off your shoes at the door or in the hallway and slipping on your slippers is primarily used to protect living areas from dirt. Not only are there visible deposits of dirt on shoes that are worn outside the home, but also bacteria and germs, depending on the areas you walk in. This dirt remains, especially with deeply grooved shoe sole profiles.

Different models of slippers

Various slippers are available in stores, from which one differentiates, for example


The classic among slippers is the push, a half-closed shoe that covers the forefoot and leaves the heel free. Slip is available in numerous variations made of wool, leather, textile material and is warmly padded for the cold season.


Another very popular model in slippers is the mule. This usually has a footbed and is worked like a sandal in the forefoot area and open at the heel. This allows you to slide in and out of the slipper quickly.

Mules are fairly flat, but also available with heels. They are ideal for spring or summer as they allow the foot to breathe and can be worn barefoot.

In principle, however, the popular flip-flops or clogs as well as any other shoe can become a slipper if you consciously decide to only wear the selected shoe in the apartment.

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