Why sneakers are fetching hundreds of thousands at auction .


Sneakers are usually athletic shoes for men, women, or children. They’re usually very light, comfortable, durable, and are worn as fashion shoes in a variety of sports or even in their free time.

Classification of the sneakers category

Sneakers are usually not that easy to choose and there are a lot to consider depending on the sport.

Different requirements for different sports

For example, if you need shoes for soccer, you are definitely buying different shoes than an athlete who plays tennis or someone who plays handball, for example.

At Soccer

In football it is important that the shoe itself has rivets. These studs are especially important when the sport is played on grass and ensure that the shoe definitely has really good grip and that walking is not a problem – even if the lawn is quite dense or sometimes a little wet.

In handball

If you play handball, make sure that your sneakers are extremely stable and have enough grip on the floor of the hall. For this it is also necessary that the front thing is very stable and is close to the foot. This is fundamentally necessary because in handball, especially in defense, a lot of emphasis is placed on running. This is much faster than, for example, if someone rolls on at full speed and therefore takes a lot more time to walk.

At tennis

When playing tennis on gravel, sneakers definitely have to look completely different and adapt to the ground.

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