Why sneakers are fetching hundreds of thousands at auction .


Sneakers are special sports shoes that are worn almost exclusively for leisure and are not primarily intended for the practice of a sport. The comfortable and fashionable shoes are particularly popular with young people.

Classification of the sneakers category

Shoes that are to be worn during sporting activities are particularly referred to as sneakers. However, sneakers are usually worn in everyday life, so nowadays athletic shoe models are called sneakers in fashion. This name is still very young, as these shoe models were simply referred to as sneakers or sports shoes until the end of the 90s.

The term “sneakers” was coined by the advertising industry. Since the turn of the millennium, it has become common to differentiate between sporty-looking shoes and sports shoes.


Sneakers look very sporty and fashionable, but shouldn’t primarily have a sporting function, just look good. Therefore, it is generally uncommon to wear athletic shoes in discos where attending sneakers is socially acceptable. Due to their casual appearance, however, these shoes are more likely to be worn in leisure than in professional life or on official occasions.

Structure of the sole

The structure of the sneakers is usually based on the same principle, as most of the models are based on the Oxford cut. In this case, the floor is usually made of several layers of plastic, which is why this special floor is also known as a sandwich floor. This floor is responsible for the very high cushioning effect of sneaker shoes. The upper of sneakers is usually made of plastic, but more expensive models are also made of leather.

Noble models

Particularly noteworthy are the noble sneakers, which are made by many expensive fashion labels and renowned sports shoe manufacturers. In addition to the role of a fashion accessory, they also have a status symbol.

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