Why sneakers are fetching hundreds of thousands at auction .


What are sneakers?

Definition: When sneakers they are called everyday sports shoes or noble sneakers, which are particularly popular with teenagers. A particularly noble variant of the sneaker is the noble sneaker: It has a higher quality upper material and is usually better processed. High-shaft sneakers are mentioned High tops intended. Chucks or canvas shoes are often used in online stores sneakers called. This is not surprising as the boundaries between the three types of shoes are fluid.

What is the difference between chucks and sneakers?

Chucks are made of linen and can also have a higher shaft, while sneakers are often made of (synthetic) leather and usually only reach to the ankle.

How do sneakers and canvas shoes differ?

The material of the canvas shoes consists of linen or cotton. In addition, canvas shoes can be made in various shapes, while the typical sneaker is ankle-high and made of leather.

What is the difference between sneakers and sneakers?

The difference is in their purpose. Sneakers are intended for everyday use, but sneakers are mainly intended for practicing various sports (Zumba shoes, for example, specially designed for Zumba fitness). Sometimes the distinction is also due to the wave height: As sneakers are then called shoes that reach below the ankle during the term sneakers is used for ankle or ankle-high shoes.

The guide to sneakers

Why can you combine sneakers?

These shoes go perfectly with jeans – especially narrow pieces. Depending on the style of the shoe model, they can also harmonize with more elegant items of clothing. In the case of colorful sneakers, make sure that the pants, dress or skirt are simple. White models look great with deep blue jeans.

Are sneakers suitable as shoes for the office?

Whether sneakers are suitable for the office depends on two things: First: Are they monochrome (ideally black or dark brown) classy sneakers? Then pair it with dark blue or black skinny jeans and your look is perfect. 2. Is there a dress code in your office? For example, if you work in a bank, sneakers aren’t exactly the shoes of choice. Opt for classically elegant shoe styles such as pumps.

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