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Snowflake Nail Tutorials

It's freezing outside and the best time for you to have a snowy day design on your nails. What about some snow on your nails? What does the snow look like in your head? Regardless of the exact shape of the snow, you can give your nails, which paint the snowflakes themselves, a romantic atmosphere.

Here are 17 snowflake nail tutorials to choose from. Try them out and get some ideas for your snowflake nails.

Pale purple nail polish
We love the combination of colors and random snowfall. In addition, the embossed snowflakes are delightful.

Pale purple nail polish

Pale purple nail polish via

Black snowflakes
The pale pink base color makes the black snowflakes more beautiful.

Black snowflakes over

Deep blue
The basic color is deep blue with many sequins. The snowfall and snowflake provide a winter feeling.

Deep blue over

Black and white
The snowflakes are so elaborate that the nails are breathtaking.

Black and white over

Stylish snowflakes
Each nail has its stylish snowflakes or rainfall. Two sequins ensure a shiny look.

Stylish snowflakes over

Red and white
They are amazing with the red base color and the white snowflakes. Using the contrast of the colors is wise.

Red and white over

Falling snow
We love the sapphire nail polish and the soft snowflakes.

Falling snow over

Red, green, and white
The nail style brings a Christmas mood in the colors red, green and white.

Red, green and white over

The snowflakes are black and stylish.

Snow over

snowflakes nails

The perfect snowflakes are made by the nail template. The base color is also nice.

Snowflake nails over

The sequins, embossed snowflakes and snowmen give your nails a holiday feeling.

Sequins over

Naked and red
The red nail polish is not applied to the entire nail and the nails are fresh with the white snowflakes and a snowman.

Nude and Red via

Snow and snowman
It's another fresh style for snowflake nails.

Snow and snowman over

Sweet snowflakes
How cute they are with white color and black snow!

Sweet snowflakes over

Snowflake nails for Christmas

The nails are exactly for Christmas.

Snowflake nails for Christmas over

The white snow falls freely on the nails.

Points above

Blue nail polish
The nail polish looks so elegant.

Blue nail polish

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