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Spice up Your Buns with a Scarf

The scarf wrap is a must for every summer. It can appear on the street or on the beach. This hair look can achieve a better summer look and give women a sunny atmosphere. Every woman will not miss this pretty hair.

The next time you go out or go to the beach, you can style a bun with a scarf. You can choose a pretty scarf first. Then use it to wrap your bun hair. There are several ways to tie the scarf. Here you will find many useful ways to style your scarf wrap.

Do not hesitate to look at the styles and be inspired!

Back bun

Back bun via

Knot headband over

Low bun via

Stylish bun over

Pretty bun over

Top bun over

Shawl wrap buns over

Sweet bun over

Braided bun over

Great bun with scarf over

Big bun with scarf over

Summer rolls over

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