30 Hottest Star Tattoo Designs - Pretty Desig

Star Tattoos for Pretty Girls

Hey tattoo lovers! Have you ever thought of star tattoo designs for proper placement? If you answer yes, you're lucky enough to find our post. The post is called 12 Star Tattoos for Pretty Girls. Just stay with us and check out some pretty star tattoo designs.

Before painting a tattoo for your body, you will find a proper placement such as the instep, wrist, or waist. We recommend that you ink the star tattoo on the instep, as there is enough space on your instep. If you wear the flats or heels, you can also show off your star tattoo designs nicely.

Of course, star tattoos can be colored in other places you love. If you're interested in star tattoos, see the following post for more pretty star tattoo designs.

Star tattoos on the wrist

Star tattoos on the wrist above

Small tattoo on the wrist above

Colorful star tattoos on the wrist above

Star tattoo on the back above

Star tattoos on the back via

Star tattoo on neck above

Colorful star tattoos behind ears above

Word and star tattoos about

Rist star tattoo about

Star tattoos on finger over

Purple star tattoo about

Star tattoo on arms above

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