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Step by Step Hair Tutorials to Style a Mermaid Braid

Chaise the latest hairstyles on prettydesigns? Have you ever seen the mermaid braids? Today's post has put together the latest hair tutorials for your girls. They are all about mermaid braids. If you remember the famous Elsa hair look in the animated film Frozen, you won't miss the mermaid's hair look.

Elsa's hair looks are popular and copied by many girls around the world. Girls like mermaid braids and may want to upgrade the simple braids with a few hair tricks. There are several ideas and types of tutorials for styling a mermaid braid. No matter what color your hair is, it can be styled in a pretty mermaid style after following the step-by-step instructions.

Check out the post and find out what you want.

Easy Mermaid Braid

Easy mermaid braid over

Easy mermaid braid over

Mermaid tail braid

Mermaid tail braid over

Blue Mermaid Braid

Blue mermaid braid over

Mermaid braid for brunettes

Mermaid braid-for-brunette over

Swept side braid

swept side braid over

Pretty mermaid braid

pretty mermaid braid over

Twisted braid

Twisted braid over

Three braids

Three braids over

side braid

Side braid over

Ombre Mermaid Braid

Ombre mermaid braid over

Simple mermaid braid

Simple mermaid braid about

Dutch side braid

Dutch side braid over

Side mermaid braid

Side mermaid braid over

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