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Stilettos for women

Stilettos should not be missing in a woman’s shoe closet. Because every woman and you make the perfect appearance with stilettos. Stilettos are one of the Classic among women’s shoes and are elegant, sexy and breathtaking. With stilettos you put yourself in the right light and show your feminine side. Properly combined, stiletto shoes can be worn for every occasion. Stilettos have a heel of at least 10 inches, usually a pointy toe, and come in many different colors and materials. Stilettos are best bought in the online shop or reduced on sale. Because you have one there largest selection on high heels, high heels, high heels, high heel pumps and stiletto ankle boots. Browse through the numerous inexpensive offers and order your personal favorites.

What do stilettos look like?

The term stiletto comes from Italian and means literally translated as “stabbing weapon”The word stiletto describes the characteristic thin, pointed pencil heel of the shoes. In everyday language, high heels are also spoken of when it comes to stilettos.
Stilettos have one very narrow, thin heels of at least ten centimeters and mostly have a pointy toe. Although stilettos fall into the category of pumps, in addition to stiletto heels, there are also stiletto heels, stiletto boots and stiletto boots. Stilettos have been around since the 1950s and they have become an integral part of the world of shoes.
Again and again, the stilettos are treated as absolute highlights of the new shoe collections. Well-known manufacturers and brands of stilettos are:

The predominantly representative styles of stilettos are the Stiletto pumpsThese are half-open shoes that you have to slip into. Stiletto pumps are available in all imaginable colors and materials like leather, paint or satin. If you don’t want to do without high and narrow heels in cooler temperatures, you should opt for stiletto boots or stiletto ankle boots. Stiletto boots or stiletto boots are traditional boots that, in combination with a stiletto heel, protect the feet from the cold in the colder months. To the hot days in summer There are stiletto sandals. These usually have small straps and are decorated with stones and glitter. Stiletto slippers are almost non-existent.

Stilettos can be combined with almost any outfit. No matter if it is one Every day, evening, party or business outfit is.

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