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Strapless Tops

A strapless top is a top that is skin-tight and has no straps. It is often also belly-free and therefore very rare. Since it has no straps, it is usually protected from slipping by a rubber band or a silicone edge. It has to be very tight to hold and often does not allow a bra to be worn, which is why it is particularly popular with men.

Tube tops are a summery version of outerwear for women and are therefore particularly popular as airy tops in hot temperatures.


A characteristic of this type of top is that strapless tops have no straps, but in contrast to spaghetti or halter neck tops, for example, they are worn without a framework. As a result, the view of the shoulder and the upper back area is completely exposed, which makes such a top particularly sophisticated and sexy.

Optimal hold despite the lack of a carrier

They are cut tightly and close at the top with a straight waistband that runs across the chest and directly under the armpits. The elastic waistband integrated in it ensures optimum hold so that the top fits perfectly and does not slip. A silicone band is also often incorporated into the inside of the fabric, which is also intended to prevent it from slipping.

Tube tops are available in different variations, both in terms of design, material and color. However, all models have a tight fit and emphasize the figure of the wearer.

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