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Strappy ballerinas for women

Ballerinas are one real classic in women’s shoes and just go with every look. If you opt for a rather simple and casual look, ballerinas are just as much the right choice as they are for them Business lookThe strappy ballerinas are a great eye-catcher. The female shoes are shaped like classic ballerinas. However, they are also provided with a strap so that the foot can grip even better.

The advantages of ballerinas with straps

Strappy ballerinas have several advantages. When it comes to design, none of the strappy ballet flats do anything that fast. The foot is particularly effective in versions with straps that wrap around the ankle particularly delicate and feminineBut there are also versions in which the belt goes over the instep. This shoe shape of the ballerinas looks a bit sporty and casual.

Another advantage of the strappy is of course that the shoes work this way hold much better on the footIt’s not that rare that women can’t wear ballet flats because they slip out of their shoes. Especially with models without intermediate sizes, the foot may not have enough grip in the shoe.

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