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Strappy heels for women

Strappy heels for women

Strappy sandals in exciting gold and silver or evil black take care of them perfect appearance at stylish events in summerThese shoes combine the elegance and chic of pumps with the airy lightness of sandals. A shoe that simply belongs in every collection – including yours!

Sandals vs. Sandals: What’s the Difference?

Many women keep asking the same question and hardly anyone really knows the answer: What exactly is the difference between sandals and sandals? The solution is simple and yet eye-opening: it is the heel that distinguishes one shoe from the other. While sandals are mostly flat, they have sandals usually high heels and therefore remind of open high heels. Therefore, these shoes are the perfect companion for summer occasions when the dress code is fancier than usual. Different types of shoes Fits perfectly with sexy evening dresses and elegant pant suits. Elegance and airiness meet here and form an extraordinary shoe that takes every woman by storm. Occasions where a pair of strappy sandals make a good impression include weddings, rooftop parties, and business meetings. Women who love the dramatic appearance have long since chosen sandals as their everyday companions. This has long been recognized by leading brands.

Leading brands like Tamaris know how popular strappy sandals are and therefore surprise them with new models. The Basic functions The strappy heel, however, is always the same: thin or wider straps that crisscross the foot more or less, and a high, thin heel. These properties connect all sandals of this type with each other. Even so, it is the subtleties and differences that protect the sandals with straps Lover pieces to let. Unlike sandals, sandals usually do without it playful and girlish elements like flowers or shells. Instead, strappy sandals literally shine with rhinestones and glitter. If you like bling bling, you will love the different styles of strappy heels! Models with rivets can be not only exciting, but also very seductive. The men around you will surely like these footwear.
In addition to unusual strappy sandals But you can also see very simple and almost non-exciting models. Classic sandals with straps don’t suit their eccentric siblings and are especially used when the outfit itself is flashy enough. Particular eye-catchers are sandals of different widths or narrow straps. These modern designs do not require any additional applications at all.

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