ASOS Design Non Stop Strappy Tie Leg Heeled Sandals in Black .

Strappy Sandals for the Season

sandals for this season are both diverse and stylish. From the minimal sandals to the sophisticated styles, you will find your favorite sandals to upgrade your wardrobe. Here are some amazing ones strap sandals of celebrities.

The sandals are designed in a strap style with stunning embellishments and trimmings. If you make one of them your own staple, you're lucky enough to have a versatile property. Not only can it add height, it can also bring long legs. With the strap sandals you can cut your pants, skinny jeans, skirts or your dress.

There are two types of sandals. One is sand brown, the other is black. They are styled in the particular belt trend. The sand browns are strappy with metal chains in the back. The shoes can create a modern look. The blacks are more creative. They are decorated with many beautiful straps. They are not boring, but stylish and chic.

A.J. Cook's strappy sandals

A.J. Cook's strappy sandals

A.J. Cook wears these sandals with red nails at the pink party.

Molly Sims strappy sandals

Molly Sims looks so cheeky in her black sandals at the premiere of "Carrie".

The other celebrities also love strap sandals.

Anna dello Russos strappy sandals

Anna dello Russo combines her feather cape with black sandals for a chic finish when she visits the Miu Miu fashion show.

Cat Deeley's strappy sandals

Cat Deeley combines her black and white printed dress with strappy sandals at the Hollywood Reporter Emmy Party. The sandals are two-tone. Red and salmon pink add color to her stylish look.

Hanneli Mustapartas strappy sandals

The strappy sandals by Hanneli Mustaparta are two-tone. Silver and black go well with her gray dress. She is gorgeous.

Jessica Chastain's strappy sandals

Jessica Chastain chooses a pair of strappy sandals to match her blue dress. The shoes make her more feminine.

Olivia Holts strappy sandals

Olivia Holt combines her green dress with a pair of sandals with T-straps. They are black and make them chic.

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