29 Pairs Assorted Multiple Stud Earrings set for Women .

Stud earrings

Studs are relatively small and consist, for example, of silver, gold or metal jewelry that are inserted into the pierced ear hole in the ear lobe or on the auricle. Stud earrings are worn by both women and some men.


Studs are a form of ear jewelry that is attached by inserting a plug through the earlobe and then closing it. One distinguishes

  • Wing fastenings
  • Snap fasteners and
  • Screw caps.

The plug can be compared to a small, thin needle that is either closed with a suitable closure such as a clip or can simply be a kind of hook that no longer slides out of the earlobe due to its curvature.

Popular motifs

Earplugs can have different designs in different sizes that lie directly on the earlobe. Women of all ages have been particularly popular for decades

which consist of one pearl per stopper of any size. These are often worn in classic white, but all other colors from simple to brightly colored are available. But there are also motifs

fashionable as stud earrings. In addition, stud earrings can be longer and hang down a few inches.


Bolts can be made from various materials; are among the most common

  • Surgical steel
  • nickel
  • Precious metals like gold, silver and titanium
  • Natural materials too
  • Plastics.

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