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Style a Curly Hair with Your Flat Iron

You don't have a curling iron and buying a curler is not on your budget? If you say yes, you are lucky enough to find out this page. In this post we present some tutorials. You can learn how to style curly hair only with your iron.

Actually, it is practical for you to style the curls with a straight iron. It only takes a few steps. First, straighten your hair and prepare it for curling. Second, pinch a small section of hair. Third, wrap your locks around the iron. Fourth, turn the iron back towards your scale. Sixth, carefully slide down. Finally, finish with a little hairspray.

Maybe the use of flat irons to create curly hair takes time. If you take your patience, we are sure that you will have an ultra-pretty hair look. Let the post inspire you!

Wavy hair

Wavy hair

Wavy hair over

Voluminous curls

Voluminous curls over

Stylish curls with an iron

Stylish curls with an iron via

Pretty curls

Pretty curls over

How to curl

How to curl up

Flat iron curls

Flat iron curls over

DIY curls

DIY curls over

Curl with a straighter

Curl with a straight via

Nice waves

Nice waves over

Amazing curls

Amazing curls over

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