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Stylish Hairstyles for Brunettes

Are you a natural brunette Or maybe you weren't born with a brown hair tone, but you've always wanted to try the "darker side of hair beauty". Whatever the case, brown hair has something so beautiful and yet mysterious. Especially if it is really well styled.

If you're about to book your next salon appointment, here are some hairstyles that just look fantastic with a brown hue. To take a risk. Try one of them.

1. Modified bowl cut

25 stylish hairstyles for brunettes

Modified bowl cut / via

When you were a kid, bowl cuts probably seemed a bit nerdy and dated. However, when it is cut in layers with a razor, it can be one of the most modern and attractive cuts you could have on your pretty brunette head.

2. A-line bob with red markings

A-line bob with red markings / Via

If your hair is really dark brown, have it cut into an A-line bob. But don't stop here. Then add some red highlights. You will be so radiant.

3. Long and wavy

Long and wavy / via

If your hair is long, wavy and brown, you already have the perfect hair combination. Just make sure you deeply condition it weekly and cut your ends about every six weeks. And if your hair isn't curly, add a little product while it's wet, put it in large braids, let it air dry, and then take the braids apart. Basically you get the same results.

4. "Messy" Bob

"Messy" Bob / Via

Bobs are an adorable hairstyle. If you want your bob to look funky, don't let it cut evenly. Have a few uneven curls here and there to make it look messy.

5. Praise with blonde highlights

Praise with blonde highlights / via

Lobs are also pretty with wavy hair. And they look kissed by the sunlight when you add some blonde highlights.

6. Slim with heavy bangs

Slim with heavy pony / via

Short asymmetrical bobs are chic. A heavy bang makes it look really young and modern.

7. Short, wet and wavy

25 stylish hairstyles for brunettes

Short, wet and wavy / via (/ caption)

Do you have curly hair that you want to cut into a short bob? All good. The wet look is there, so apply some mousse and drop your curly locks … wherever you want.

8. Funky Layered Cut

Funky Layered Cut / Via

Awesome … hot … showy hair. All of these layers with the long, side-swept bang make it an absolute favorite. That's for sure.

9. Pixie with long bangs

Pixie with long bangs / via

A brunette pixie cut. It really doesn't get any more classic.

10. Long and curly

Long and curly / via

If your hair is extra thick, take out some large rollers and curl the ends of your hair. Sleep in them overnight, pull them out the next morning, and then gently pull them up with your fingers to get as loud as possible.

11.Shaggy look

Shaggy look / via

Shags are in there. If you apply a little silicone to your brown hair while styling it, it will shine.

12. Praise with bangs

Praise with bangs / via

Here's another way to try praise. Add some bangs so they can frame your face gently.

13. Short, choppy and layered

Short, choppy and layered / via

And here's a "messy version" of the pixie cut. It's all choppy and bedridden. There's something pretty sexy about it.

14. Half updo with braid

Half updo with braid / via

If you have long hair and it's a hot day but you want to show off some of your curls, pull some of them back and braid them. Whether French, Dutch or our personal favorite, a fishtail braid, you will be very pretty and also a lot cooler.

15. "Long Abbreviation"

‘Long short’ cut / via

This cut is fascinating. Basically because it looks like a long and short hairstyle in one. Long and full at the front. Nice and tapered at the back. It’s dazzling.

16. Asymmetrical short bob

Asymmetrical short bob / via

It's easy, fun and elegant at the same time. An asymmetrical short bob works very well for thick hair because it offers so much volume.

17. Fishtail updo

Fishtail updo / via

Fishtails are so fabulous that you can be sure you'll get lots of compliments if you want to get all your hair up when it's a big fishtail. Wrapped in a low bun.

18. Dark brown with light brown hues

Dark brown with light brown hues / via

If you like your dark brown hair the way it is but want to add a little "something", a few light brown highlights. It looks natural and is also beautiful.

19. Cut "bed head"

"Bed head" cut / through

Here's another look at the head of the bed. Yes, it has something to do with the fact that you just rolled out of bed freshly and naturally, which is appealing. Naturally.

20. Stacked bob with blonde highlights

Stacked bob with blonde highlights / via

Have you always secretly wanted to be blonde? You can "relax" with some blonde highlights above. It's a nice two-tone effect.

21. Classic bob with bangs

Classic bob with pony / via

Classic bobs are a fan favorite. Use a brush while blow drying your hair for a rounded effect.

22. Tapered back

Conical back / via

This is a great short haircut because it has so many dimensions and surprises. This tapered back is the best part. No matter how brown your hair is, it will be great with a style like this.

23. Short emo

Short emo / via

Have you ever wondered what an emo haircut is? You are welcome. It is basically another variant of a choppy bob. A super nervous look.

24. Ombre Bob

Ombre Bob / Via

If you're a bit conservative but want to add a little more flair to your hair, you can try the ombre look in caramel blonde.

25. Long with purple ends

Long with purple ends / via

Or, if you just want to rock and try new things, here's another ombre option: purple. Brown and purple are breathtaking. No matter where or how you decide where to go.

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