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Stylish Short Haircuts for Girls

If you've been cutting your long hair short lately, I should say that you've really made the right decision. Check out how popular the featured pixie cut was among these celebrities last year. Aside from a proper cut, you can also get lots of short layers to add textures and movements to your hairstyle. Hope our hairstyles listed below can inspire you!

Blunt with choppy layers

Blunt with choppy layers

Blunt bangs are the best way to make a statement with your hair. You can frame your face shape for a slimmer look when mixed with heavily chopped ends.

Fine and feathered elf

The pixie cut is perfect for girls with shiny, finely textured hair. In addition, layers of different lengths can create a better shape and style for your short hairstyle.

Long, tousled elf

Even it would bother you if your bangs were too long for your eyesight. You can make an absolutely cool style and look for the straps.

Undo Bob

In addition to the pixie cut, a cool short bob will be another eye-catcher this year. It can flatter any girl with straight hair with very simple styling skills.


This is an expanded version of a graduate bob with a marked undercut on the back. You can also add long, heavily chopped bangs to make this bob haircut more flattering.

Relaxed layers

Short layers can help you create a friendly and casual-chic hairstyle for every woman. Whether it's sleek, sleek, or styled with gentle waves, in both cases you get a pretty and chic hair look.

Choppy bangs

Choppy bangs can give a strong, contemporary, and edgy sense, whether it's a pixie cut or a short bob. You can also cut them very short to get a wild style micro pony.

Long elf with bangs

It seems that the longer pixie cut is becoming more popular this year. You can add long, tousled bangs for an expanded look.

Short waves

For girls born with natural curls, layers of different lengths and heavily cut bangs can create a slimming silhouette for your face.

Feathered elf cut

There are so many celebrities who have chosen a feathered elf cut because of their bright red carpet. What is more important for women is that this haircut is perfect for all face-shaped girls.
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