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Suede shoes for women

Suede shoes for women

What makes a good shoe? Of course, it must first and foremost suit your taste and be suitable for certain occasions. In addition, it should also be well done so that you can enjoy it for a long time. Finally, the material should be very beautiful robust and comfortable at the same time his. Sounds like the utopian demands on a shoe? Not if it’s made of suede.

A special material

The use of suede material in the manufacture of shoes has a long history. The extreme robust material has been used for hundreds of years to make sturdy and practical everyday shoes.

The Properties of suede are:

You can recognize real leather not only by its appearance, but also by its smell and structure. Since this is a natural material, it is leather especially soft and cozyHowever, if it is a fake, the shoe is often very stiff and inflexible. In addition, it does not emit the characteristic smell of leather. Eventually you realize real suede also at the price. A sensible shoe made from this material will rarely bring you under 50 euros. If a shoe is surprisingly cheap, you can be pretty sure that it is fake suede.

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