SimpleFun Women's Summer Sleeveless Bohemian Print Tunic Swing .

Summer dresses

Airy clothing is required in summer. But elegant office clothes are also quite conceivable in summer. Patterns, cuts, lengths and cuts are just as variable as the colors, prints and accessories that make the designer a new trend every year.

Classification of the summer dresses category

Summer dresses are airy women’s dresses made of thin fabric, which are characterized by figure-hugging cuts and summery designs. In summer they are an optimal clothing option and an alternative to a top and skirt, as they leave a lot of air on the skin due to the thin fabric, which leads to a very comfortable fit on hot days.

Popular designs

Summer dresses are available in all imaginable variations, whereby the cut as well as the design and the color can vary. Of course they are available in plain colors. However, models with summery floral prints or trendy graphic patterns are also very popular. But summer dresses with great details such as integrated rhinestones or embroidery, which are also an eye-catcher, are very popular.

Lengths and cuts

In terms of cut, they’re usually available either floor-length, just above the knee, or in the form of tight-fitting mini-dresses. There are also different variants for the upper end of the summer dresses, as these can be, for example, spaghetti straps, neck strap variants or even strapless models.

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