Summer 2019 Fashion Trends - What to Wear This Summ

Summer fashion

Compared to winter fashion, summer fashion is characterized by colorful patterns and light fabrics. Summer fashion usually includes shorts, sundresses, skirts, t-shirts, tops, and light jackets. Swimwear and beach clothing such as bikinis, bathing suits or beach dresses are also part of summer clothing.

Classification of the summer fashion category

Airy dresses, light shirts, shorts, open shoes – who doesn’t think of rising temperatures, long evenings and their summer wardrobe? What is summer fashion? And why does it make our hearts beat faster?

In color and material

Even the most elegant summer collection in black and white cannot do without colorful accessories – summer just means color. One of the most popular summer colors is white, which perfectly complements almost all color tones and is therefore a very good basis for a varied wardrobe. The tanned skin shimmers even more beautifully, the radiance looks fresh and elegant.

Jeans are also an essential part of summer fashion, but here in relatively thin quality. Cheeky mini skirts, shorts or tight jackets give the wearer a youthful and sporty chic. cool polos or shirts are the perfect complement.

Summer cuts

Long trousers or skirts have a particularly casual cut, so that a cool breeze always fans your legs. Shirts and blouses also offer a bit more width and short sleeves for a comfortable fit. Whether plain, discreetly striped, with wild floral or strictly graphic patterns, whether tone on tone or strongly contrasting – summer fashion has a lot to offer year after year.

When the mercury rises in the thermometer, the seams of the skirt slide up and reveal attractive sights. Semi-transparent fabrics offer a wonderful view through the sunlight, and soon everyone is wearing a good mood on their skin in addition to the current summer fashion.

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